cassie burn 2Cassandra Lane Smith. Writer, Dancer, Dreamer.

Cassandra’s life has been abundantly full of one thing: movement.

At age two, Cassandra declared to her mother she would become a ballerina when she grew up. Her life for the next sixteen years would become a blur of tutus, tiaras and a few too many bruised toenails. During her teens, Cassandra spent her summers in New York City and Boston, attending summer training programs with some of the world’s leading ballet instructors.

At 17, Cassandra’s passion for ballet led her to leave home and move to Boston where she had been offered a spot to train and preform year round at the Boston Ballet. After a couple of years of endless pirouettes and pointe shoes, she felt the need for a change, so she moved back to her home state of Colorado to attend college in beautiful Boulder.

While dance would have been the obvious choice for a major, Cassandra chose to develop her second greatest passion–writing–by studying journalism at the University of Colorado. She quickly realized her curiosity about human communication and interaction extended far past the confines of the discipline of journalism, so she added sociology as a second major and philosophy as a minor. While academic studies were her focus at CU, she remained involved in dance by frequently working with graduate students in the Theater & Dance Department on new choreographic works.

cassie burn feetWhile studying in Boulder, Cassandra also developed a love for yoga and found a home in the incredible yoga community there. During her senior year, she was an intern for, an online magazine covering topics on yoga, mindfulness and sustainability. Since graduating from CU in 2012, Cassandra has continued to live in Boulder and spends her days working as a writer and marketing coordinator for the sales and marketing outsourcing company, Gabriel Sales.

Outside of her day job, Cassandra continues her passion for dance as a performance artist within the EDM and transformative festival community. Her performance style is now a spontaneous mix of the many different forms of movement her body knows–ballet, hip hop, yoga, contact improv and more. Cassandra now feels that her dancing flows out from within her inner being rather than being predetermined by an external concept, a practice she hopes to continue to explore and develop for many years to come.


 ”If we seek the real source of the dance, if we go to nature, we find that the dance of the future is the dance of the past, the dance of eternity, and has been and always will be the same…

The movement of waves, of winds, of the earth is ever the same lasting harmony.”

~ Isadora Duncan

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