Story Ideas

Alas, the dreaded first blog post.  I guess I shall start with my some ideas for the “personal observation” story I’ve been asked to write for my reporting class.  I have two ideas for my story; they are both social/political rants…

The first has to do with the saying, “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death you’re right to believe it.”  A lot of adults (people older than me) say this phrase to me when I try to have a healthy debate.  It is my personal observation that the attitude motivating this saying is not patriotic or democratic, but is instead egoistic and ultimately, is ruining the political process.

My second idea has to do with children and postmodern parenting.  I nanny, and I have noticed that children who spend little to no time with screens (TV, cell phones, Ipads) are exponentially better behaved and further socially developed than children who have a lot of screen time.  It is my observation that the constant influx of media socializes many of today’s children to be much more possessive about objects and much more prone to lying.

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