I found this video on Elephant Journal‘s website today attached to an article with a video of a guy break dancing and doing yoga at the same time (kind of).  This video was at the bottom of the page, and I think it’s pretty remarkable.  The editing is some of the coolest I’ve seen; I love how the geometric patterns match both the dancers and the music.  It was pretty well thought out, I’d say.

The creators had this in the description for the video:

“As a whole, the focus is on the dancers as they create and interact with abstract forms in a vast unknown world. Their own movements determine the creation and final destruction of these elements. Their own paths of communication and creative expression have come full circle, and all that remains is the individual.”

via FUTURE PROOF on Vimeo.


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2 responses to “FUTURE PROOF

  1. The comments on your “Theory to Practice” post were closed, so I’m sorry for commenting here – thank you for giving me so much to think about today. I found you through EJ, and I love what I’ve read of yours. I hope you blog more often (although you should also only blog when YOU want to, so ignore me…) Namaste!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for reading my articles and taking the time to comment! I’ve been meaning to blog more often (and I’m going to try!), but most of my writing is going straight to elephant these days. Thanks again for your comments, they definitely inspire me to keep writing!

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