Sylvie Leotin: What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet

Sylvie Leotin: What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet.

I found this on Huffington Post this morning.  Definitely an important piece.  In my opinion, if everybody danced everyday we would be a whole lot nicer to each other.  I wrote a term paper last semester called “Dancing, Self and Consciousness” which basically claims exactly what the article does, that dance has unbelievable power to tell us more about the mysteries of the human experience and the universe itself.  Here’s the conclusion from my paper:

“Dancing has the ability to make us more self-aware in diverse and complex ways.  Viewing dancing as self-othering allows us to understand the connection between the body and mind.  Viewing dancing as Lila, or play, allows us insight into the paradoxical relationship between self and the cosmos.  Through dancing, we learn to use our bodies as an instrument of play, which results in greater self-awareness and the ability to reach higher stages of consciousness.  Dancing allows us to tell our stories to one another, and physically understand and represent our cultures by doing so.   When dancing, we embrace the perpetual movement that is a part of our very nature and convey the experience in a physically and emotionally expressive way.  Overall, dancing lets us understand and become comfortable with who and what we are.”



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