I have recently become a Twitter addict, after boycotting the app for the past few years. I just didn’t get how it was different from Facebook. After using it much more frequently in the past few weeks, I’ve realized what a valuable tool it can be.

Tweetcaster is an app that works along with Twitter and Facebook and aggregates information, trends and stats. You can post simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter (like Instagram), and it it also has a photo editor attached (not as good as Instagram’s). I could see the app being useful for time-saving purposes by having Twitter and Facebook synced up.

I think the real value of this app is in its organizational tools. It allows you to create self-made lists of friends, companies or anyone who tweets, so you can filter through tweets much while still getting the information you want at the time. You can also look at the lists that the people you follow have created, and you have the option to follow them yourself. Under Huff Post media’s lists, I followed a list called “media insights” and one called “media visionaries.” They seemed like they both had pretty relevant information coming out of them from people around the industry.

I think this app is pretty useful, but it would be better if more people used it. I noticed a lot of big organizations have no lists created. If more people had self-created lists, aggregating people that are interested in/involved with specific topics would be much easier.

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