The Making of Daenerys Targaryen’s Fur Coat

Daenerys Targaryen Fur Coat

So it’s been four days since I went to my first Comic Con, and I’m still on a high from it.

Having never done ‘legit’ cosplay before, I had no idea what to expect or how people would react to my attempt at Daenerys’s most amazing outfit. I am still so in awe of the kindness and creativity radiating from everyone I talked to, and I have so much gratitude for the Comic Con community welcoming me so warmly.

A few people have asked to know more about the coat, the process of making it, etc.—so I’m going to share the story of…

The Time My Mom and I Attempted to Make a Cosplay Coat Out of $8 Blankets

So ya, that’s how this started. After telling my mom how badly I wanted to try to recreate the coat last summer, she finally found the perfect fabric on sale at Burlington in the form of blankets. She had looked for fur at fabric stores, but she felt like all the faux fur they had was too long for what we needed. (And after the trials of the faux fur vest she made me for Burning Man a few years back, she vowed to “never work with that shit again.”)

So, blankets—that’s where we started. Then we found a cosplay pattern from Cosplaid that helps show you how to transform a coat pattern into one that more closely resembles Daenerys’s coat.


Pattern via Cosplaid

When we started laying out the pattern, we were scared we might not have enough of the white blanket fabric to do the whole coat. We barely made it, our only saving grace was the fact that the sleeves do not have fur around the entire arm. Crisis averted!

We found a charcoal-ish fabric at Joann’s for the lining that has the texture/feeling of suede but is not actually suede. We got 5 yards but didn’t end up using all of it–despite having to recut the top lining pieces a few times, which I’ll explain in a sec.



We then endeavored into trying to recreate the texture on the actual Daenerys fur coat, which ended up being the biggest pain of the whole thing.

I still can’t quite figure out how the insane people at HBO did that. There is definitely some sort of stitching or serging pattern going on, but I still can’t ultimately tell how that fabric is embellished and constructed.

So we tried. And failed. And then tried. And then tried some more. 35970406_10213707968108301_341190260669022208_n-1.jpg

We finally found a stitch that we liked on my mom’s sewing machine, but ultimately, she ended up using a few different stitches throughout the whole thing. To give the shoulders definition and make them stick out more, we used buckram—the same material you use when making hats.

We then applied iron-on interfacing to the white fur to make it stiffer and more stable for the stitching patterns. Still, after putting so many stitches into the fabric, it shrank. A lot. Like, it almost didn’t fit me around the torso and armpits.

But my mother–being the genius she is–thought to delicately take a seam ripper to the interfacing in between the stitching lines, which helped it stretch back out to close to its original size. That was why we had to recut the lining pieces for the top; we had to make it fit the post-stitching size of the pattern pieces.

But, slowly, the mythical Daenerys coat started to become a reality.

We found the three-headed dragon pendant and chain on Etsy, and the jump ring/circle piece was from Hobby Lobby.

In the end, we had just enough left-over fabric to line the outside edges of the front and back pieces with fur, which I think really added some authenticity.


The one regrettable thing about using blankets was that the back pieces did not have long enough fur to replicate the intricate design with varied fur lengths on Daenerys’s coat. I think it the back of mine looks amazing, but it doesn’t have quite the definition or detail that her coat does.

The only thing left was braiding the wig. Not going to lie, the YouTube tutorial I found made me think it was going to be super easy. It was not. I finally had to settle for a variation that was not exactly authentic.

I struggled so hard with that damn wig, but we made it work.


And then, we were done! And ultimately, I really couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! My mom and I definitely learned a lot along the way about what to do and not do when attempting future cosplays.

I would also like to give another shout-out to my amazing mother for going on this crazy journey with me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother like her, and I love her more than anything.

Here are some more photos, hope you enjoy! And if you’d like to connect, here’s my Instagram! @cassandralane

Daenerys Targaryen Fur Coat

Daenerys Targaryen Fur Coat

Daenerys Targaryen Fur Coat

Daenerys Targaryen Fur CoatDaenerys Targaryen Fur Coat

Daenerys Targaryen Fur Coat CosplayDaenerys Targaryen Fur CoatDaenerys Targaryen Fur Coat







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<3 Emancipator

Everyone should probably listen to this now….

I’m in love

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I have recently become a Twitter addict, after boycotting the app for the past few years. I just didn’t get how it was different from Facebook. After using it much more frequently in the past few weeks, I’ve realized what a valuable tool it can be.

Tweetcaster is an app that works along with Twitter and Facebook and aggregates information, trends and stats. You can post simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter (like Instagram), and it it also has a photo editor attached (not as good as Instagram’s). I could see the app being useful for time-saving purposes by having Twitter and Facebook synced up.

I think the real value of this app is in its organizational tools. It allows you to create self-made lists of friends, companies or anyone who tweets, so you can filter through tweets much while still getting the information you want at the time. You can also look at the lists that the people you follow have created, and you have the option to follow them yourself. Under Huff Post media’s lists, I followed a list called “media insights” and one called “media visionaries.” They seemed like they both had pretty relevant information coming out of them from people around the industry.

I think this app is pretty useful, but it would be better if more people used it. I noticed a lot of big organizations have no lists created. If more people had self-created lists, aggregating people that are interested in/involved with specific topics would be much easier.

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Sylvie Leotin: What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet

Sylvie Leotin: What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet.

I found this on Huffington Post this morning.  Definitely an important piece.  In my opinion, if everybody danced everyday we would be a whole lot nicer to each other.  I wrote a term paper last semester called “Dancing, Self and Consciousness” which basically claims exactly what the article does, that dance has unbelievable power to tell us more about the mysteries of the human experience and the universe itself.  Here’s the conclusion from my paper:

“Dancing has the ability to make us more self-aware in diverse and complex ways.  Viewing dancing as self-othering allows us to understand the connection between the body and mind.  Viewing dancing as Lila, or play, allows us insight into the paradoxical relationship between self and the cosmos.  Through dancing, we learn to use our bodies as an instrument of play, which results in greater self-awareness and the ability to reach higher stages of consciousness.  Dancing allows us to tell our stories to one another, and physically understand and represent our cultures by doing so.   When dancing, we embrace the perpetual movement that is a part of our very nature and convey the experience in a physically and emotionally expressive way.  Overall, dancing lets us understand and become comfortable with who and what we are.”



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Going from Theory to Practice

I have a lot more theory to learn but I need to start practicing.  My first year at Burning Man made me see how far I still have to come. And I think I got a little freaked out, and I still am but I’m understanding it more now. I get that you can’t do Burning Man every day, but you can try to live it.  And my ego’s putting up a pretty brilliant fight to get me to give up and go back into the land of blind comfort (endless suffering?) of the never ending quest to fill its never ending desires.

But without the ego, the quest becomes dharma.  And without the ego, you are no longer a victim of the world around you, but one who suffers with intentions of love.  You accept and learn from your problems, realizing that every personal trouble is a divine teaching in disguise.

My main problem is that I’m worried that I’m able to rationalize with myself to believe, in the words of Ken Wilber, my preconventional desires are postconventional motives.  When intention is pure and universal morality is being employed, one is able to read their emotions as divine signals.  This is because emotions are free of attachment at this point.  Which is I think my main problem.

My professor said something about the distinction between commitment and attachment.  Which is the whole thing about putting correct intention or complete commitment into your actions, but letting go of emotional attachment of the outcome of your endeavors.  Which is hard, because you have to put so much thought into why the endeavors you choose are the right ones, which is dependent on the expected results of such endeavors actually happening.  So you’re supposed to know what you want to happen and try to make that happen, but not care whether or not it happens.  That’s hard.  And that’s because that requires you to silence your ego.

Your ego is the one that cares about outcome, because ego has learned to value itself based on the success or failure of its attempted actions.  The ego thrives on emotions because they’re personal and relatable to “me” and what it means to be “me” in any given moment.  The ego, which is itself empty, can attach itself to emotions and define itself by them. “I am sad because….., I am happy because.”  And that “because” requires us to qualify our emotions based on our cultural understandings of the causal relationship of emotion to reaction. And somehow, our emotions have transformed into a very easy tool to use to victimize ourselves.

I do it all the time, “that person made me feel inferior and therefore I am a victim”.  But when I’m busy complaining about my victim status, I’m just retreating back to ego, which thrives on that label.  If I ignore my ego, my emotions no longer have anything to attach to.  They just become tools to inform my present moment.  For me, instead of “I like” it becomes “I’m enjoying”.  Like somehow implies emotional attachment.  Enjoyment implies an appreciation of something without dependency on it for identity.

I guess I try to make most of my emotions mean something about me.  Which is this ego-y thing.  I want to read them all as signs and lessons on my journey.  But I think I found the problem right there.

This, I think, is the part of my journey where I transition from my journey to our journey.  I have awakened to see what is, that I am at one with the divine and that I have the power to realize divine love through my self.  I have learned enough to start moving with others, I have seen what’s possible when human creativity chooses to manifest itself through group efforts.  This is miraculous.

It is time I join the miracle creators to help us evolve into making choices based on what the collective needs as opposed to what I want or what other people may want for me.  It is time I become the manifestation of myself I can see that I have the potential for.  This means no more “me”. Just us, and what’s best for us, despite what might please my ego.  I have to ask, do I want that for me? Or do I want that for us?  Do I not want that to happen for me?  Should I maybe let it happen because it’s us?  Where are my motives coming from when using my emotions to base decisions?  That depends on if the intention is pure and whether or not the ego is involved.

I live in this culture that is dependent on egos, a culture of victims.  We’ve almost come to define ourselves in terms of how we’ve been victimized.  And when you’re surrounded by victims, it’s easy to want to become ‘victim chic’.  It’s not as easy to say that although you acknowledge that there are some oppressing forces in the world, you not define yourself by the way they have affected you.

To do this, you must be willing to detach yourself from your emotional attachments, which allow you to claim yourself as victimized. One can practice love and full commitment of faith not when they are a victim of oppressing forces out of their control, but when he or she is a humble servant to the loving service of God=Us.

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I found this video on Elephant Journal‘s website today attached to an article with a video of a guy break dancing and doing yoga at the same time (kind of).  This video was at the bottom of the page, and I think it’s pretty remarkable.  The editing is some of the coolest I’ve seen; I love how the geometric patterns match both the dancers and the music.  It was pretty well thought out, I’d say.

The creators had this in the description for the video:

“As a whole, the focus is on the dancers as they create and interact with abstract forms in a vast unknown world. Their own movements determine the creation and final destruction of these elements. Their own paths of communication and creative expression have come full circle, and all that remains is the individual.”

via FUTURE PROOF on Vimeo.


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Story Ideas

Alas, the dreaded first blog post.  I guess I shall start with my some ideas for the “personal observation” story I’ve been asked to write for my reporting class.  I have two ideas for my story; they are both social/political rants…

The first has to do with the saying, “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death you’re right to believe it.”  A lot of adults (people older than me) say this phrase to me when I try to have a healthy debate.  It is my personal observation that the attitude motivating this saying is not patriotic or democratic, but is instead egoistic and ultimately, is ruining the political process.

My second idea has to do with children and postmodern parenting.  I nanny, and I have noticed that children who spend little to no time with screens (TV, cell phones, Ipads) are exponentially better behaved and further socially developed than children who have a lot of screen time.  It is my observation that the constant influx of media socializes many of today’s children to be much more possessive about objects and much more prone to lying.

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